Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

Steel floor decking is a crucial component of modern construction. It acts as a durable base on which concrete is poured, creating composite floors with high strength and durability.

Floor decking roll forming machines are specialized machines that shape flat coil metal into floor deck profiles. These machines are optimized via computer and can produce a wide range of floor deck sizes and configurations.


Floor decking is a crucial component of modern construction projects, providing an effective and durable foundation for concrete floors. Featuring an optimal combination of strength and load-bearing capacity, these steel panels serve as a cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete flooring systems. In addition, they offer structural integrity and support to the rest of a building’s structure, preventing it from buckling under the weight of equipment or other materials.

A floor decking roll forming machine is a specialized piece of machinery that utilizes coils of galvanized or cold-rolled steel to produce metal floor decking panels with precision and efficiency. The machine’s material feed system carries the coils of steel through a series of rollers and forming stations to gradually shape them into the desired profile. Once the profile is formed, it is cut and perforated using precision cutting and piercing mechanisms to create individual floor deck panels.

Some advanced floor decking machines also include options for embossing or ribbing the metal sheets, further enhancing the structural floor decking roll forming machine integrity of the final products. Depending on project requirements, choosing a model that offers these features can significantly reduce material costs and enhance production efficiency. In addition, some machines feature quick-change systems, allowing them to switch between multiple profiles with minimal downtime. This helps increase productivity and minimize costly mistakes during the production process.


Floor decking is an essential component of building construction, as it creates a durable and stable platform for concrete slabs. These metal panels are also resistant to water and fire, preventing the spread of damage and increasing structural integrity. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. They are widely used in commercial buildings and industrial structures to support heavy loads and provide durable flooring solutions.

Steel floor decking is also a cost-efficient option for multi-story building projects. The production of these floor decks is completed on-site, which reduces outsourcing and transportation costs. In addition, the production of these panels is fast, allowing for rapid project completion and optimizing construction timelines. This enables construction companies to save money on labor expenses and materials while maintaining high-quality and precise results.

A floor decking roll forming machine takes metal coils and gradually shapes them into specific floor decking profiles, including composite and corrugated decks. Often, these machines feature embossing and ribbing functions that enhance the structural strength of the decks. Moreover, they have advanced control systems that monitor and streamline the production process.

These machines also offer design flexibility, allowing construction companies to customize their profile designs to meet project specifications. Additionally, they can be easily installed on-site and require minimal maintenance. A typical floor decking roll forming machine consists of an uncoiler, guide platform, coil strip leveler, main machine of rolling, cutting device, hydraulic station, and PLC control.


Floor decking is a versatile and cost-effective steel construction material that can be used in a wide range of commercial applications. It is designed to provide long spans of clear floor space while reducing story height and ceiling height. It is also non-combustible and has a high fire resistance rating. In addition, it is durable and easy to install.

Metal floor decking machines can be customized to meet the specific requirements of construction projects. They can also be equipped with automation features to reduce the amount of manual labor required for production. These features can include automatic coil feeding and shearing, cutting, and stacking mechanisms.

A metal floor deck roll forming machine is designed to produce N Deck metal floor panels, which are used in a variety of applications in construction. These panels have vertical ribs that interlock with concrete slabs to create a composite steel floor system. These metal floor decks can withstand large amounts of load without deflecting significantly.

The metal decking roll forming machine is a high-quality piece of KONIX-Professional Roll Froming Machine Manufacturer machinery for producing steel floor decking. It can be made to form a variety of different profiles, and it is able to do this quickly and efficiently. It includes a 5TON manual de-coiler, a feed guide, an electrical entry shearing with 0.75KW motor power, a roll forming part including an embossing tools, a transmission system, and a control cabinet. It has a welded frame base, and the shearing rollers are made of Cr12 with quenching treatment.


Floor decking roll forming machines are essential for manufacturing metal composite floor systems that meet stringent construction requirements. These machines are designed to automatically shape flat steel coils into composite floor deck panels with a 2.0-inch profile. They feature essential components such as decoilers, a roller system, a punching unit, and a cutting mechanism. Using these machines eliminates manual labor and reduces production time, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

They are also versatile, allowing manufacturers to produce floor decking sheets with a variety of profiles and sizes. The resulting floor panels offer excellent strength, durability, fire resistance, and dimensional stability. They are also compatible with insulation materials and underfloor heating systems. They are used in a wide range of applications, including industrial construction, multistory apartments, and infrastructure projects.

Metal floor decks have been widely applied in the steel structures of power station, electric power equipment company,automobile exhibition hall, cement warehouse, airport terminal, railway station, stadium, concert hail, large supermarket, and logistics center. In addition, they can also be used in infrastructure projects, such as bridges and walkways, to support heavy loads and ensure safety. Moreover, they can also serve as the base of reinforced concrete floors. With their high load-bearing capacity, they provide a strong foundation for the entire building structure and enhance its structural integrity. Besides, they are also cost-effective, and can be customized to meet the needs of specific projects.

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